Why Write?

A Young-adult writer

Why Write?



Excites. Soothes. Offers clarity. Digs deep. Gives hope. Is therapeutic. Releases anger.  Evokes. Comes alive.  Whispers. Expresses what you can’t say aloud. Yells what you can only mutter.  Makes sense of confusion. Releases pain.  Sheds light. Simplifies. Complicates.  Awakens. Relaxes. Builds. Tears down.

Why Write?



Turn black and white into shades of gray and shades of gray into color.

Offer a voice to the voiceless.

Give hope to the hopeless.

Make you laugh when you don’t feel like laughing.

Make you cry when you feel like feeling.

Make you live when you think you’re numb.

Make something out of nothing.

Take something and make it everything.

Envision what could be.

Define what really is.

Look past the surface.

And aren’t afraid of what’s underneath.

Why write?


Writers …

Can change the world.