About Me

Picture of Penelope BaldwinMarathon runner. Math enthusiast. Part-time painter. Full-time lover of snakes.

None of these words describe me.

But I am a truth twister, a yarn weaver and a full-time believer in what could be instead of what is.

My writing career began at age eight when I wrote my first novel, a book about a girl who becomes queen then decides that being royal is not all it’s cracked up to be. And even though it was never published, it did have a cover made out of fabric, so that’s almost the same thing.

Over the years, my love of writing grew, but I ultimately put it on hold to become a nurse. Although I loved taking care of preemie babies, the fire inside me never went out -until, eventually, I realized I had to write.

I am the author of the young-adult book Love and Other Puzzles, the sequel Love and Other Answers, and the upcoming We are Constellations.

I am a born and raised Buckeye from the great state of Ohio where I currently reside with my husband, three kids, and a varying number of pets.

Wife. Mom. Avid reader. Sucker for real life happy endings and slightly obsessed with word games. That’s the me behind the words.

And I can’t wait to bring you into my world.